Well, today I have recovered my old block notes. When I was a bit young, I saved all my code (for Commodore 64) on that block, with a simple pen. So, I can try the new FC64 Commodore 64 emulator.

Unfortunately, some keyboard character doesn’t work properly. So, I couldn’t try some my code. If you remember, the Commodore 64 had some special characters combination in basic, such as the reverse heart used to clean the screen. However, I used some workaround to fix that issue. For example, to clean the screen you could use PRINT CHR$(147). This makes the same effect than “reverse heart”.
Let me show you the code that works:

POKE 53280,4
SYS 64766

Append double quote after input

100 POKE 198,1:POKE 631,34
110 INPUT A$

Animated vertical line with poke

100 PRINT CHR$(147)
110 FOR R = 1 TO 24
120 POKE 55296+33+40*R,5
130 POKE 1024+33+40*R,71
140 NEXT R

Screen resize

Direct access to VIC video. This was used to resize the horizontal and vertical area of the visible screen when you should make a background scroll.

POKE 53270,32
POKE 53265,23


POKE 775,200

Blink cursor

POKE 788,55

Replace Ready with Eddie

10 FOR J = 40960 TO 49151
40 FOR J = 41848 TO 41853
50 READ L$
60 POKE J, ASC(L$)
80 DATA E,D,D,I,E,!

POKE 1,54

Code recovering

If you type “New” all code is gone! No worry, type the following to recover it.

POKE 2050,1:SYS 42291:POKE 45,PEEK(34):POKE 46,PEEK(35):CLR

I have tried a lot of other code and stuff, and all seems to work properly! Enjoy!