Today I’m excited to introduce you WP Bones, a plugin framework for WordPress written with Composer. WP Bones providing a set of tools and rules to facilitate the WordPress plugin. Also, the aim of Bones is to be able to write a Plugin such as Laravel Framework application.

Sadly, WordPress architecture doesn’t currently support a complete composer/vendor philosophy yet. This is why some amazing features of composer/vendor architecture can’t apply yet.
Anyway, the aim of this library is to use both new and standard development tools in a WordPress environment. If you like Composer, npmLaravel and Gulp, here is the framework for you.

I love Laravel

If you know Laravel Framework, you will love WP Bones Framework too. I inspired to Laravel while developing WP Bones. Even if, as you can image, the WordPress environment doesn’t support Composer as we wished. So, you will find a lot of things similar to Laravel and some others very different.

How it works

First of all, I advise reading the documentation and then going to install WP Kirk Demo plugin where you can see all WP Bones features.


WP Bones makes it easy to write a WordPress plugin. Below, some of the impressive features of WP Bones.

  • Creates a WordPress plugin boilerplate in one second
  • Magical php bones command like artisan in Laravel
  • Provides the support for PSR-2/PSR-4 standard
  • Easy plugin configuration by config array
  • Menus and page routes with Controller architecture
  • Extends your plugin with vendor architecture


As with Laravel, you can also extend WP Bones framework with official packages. Of course, you may wish to write your own.

Which plugins are using WP Bones framework?

You may already use WP Bones framework under the hood of some plugins.

WP Bones plugins

Contributing and Support

The WP Bones source code is managed on Github. There you’ll find all repositories and the official packages. You may propose new features or improvements by using the Github issues. Also, you can use the WP Bones Slack team to chat with me or with the community.

That’s all for me. Enjoy and let me know your feedback.