Well, today I have recovered my old block notes. When I was a bit young, I saved all my code (for Commodore 64) on that block, with a simple pen. So, I can try the new FC64 Commodore 64 emulator.

Unfortunately, some keyboard character doesn’t work properly.So, I couldn’t try some my code. If you remember, the Commodore 64 had some special characters combination in basic, such as the reverse heart used to clean the screen. However, I used some workaround to fix that issue. For example, to clean the screen you could use PRINT CHR$(147). This makes the same effect than “reverse heart”.
Let me show you the code that works:

Append double quote after input

Animated vertical line with poke

Screen resize

Direct access to VIC video. This was used to resize the horizontal and vertical area of the visible screen when you should make a background scroll.


Blink cursor

Replace Ready with Eddie

Code recovering

If you type “New” all code is gone! No worry, type the following to recover it.

I have tried a lot of other code and stuff, and all seems work properly! Enjoy!